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Dr Kate Moles

Dr Kate Moles


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I was appointed as a lecturer in sociology in the School of Social Sciences in 2013, having previsouly held research positions in the Welsh Institute of Social and Economic Research and Data (WISERD) and the Wales Rural Observatory.

My research and writing explores the relationships between everyday practices of memory, mobility and place, which I have engaged with through ethnographic, multimodal methods. I have an ongoing attentiveness to ideas of public and community engagement in research and in my work. Previous projects I have undertaken have included research on postcolonialism, heritage, post-industrial communities and young people's sense of their historical and contemporary places and their imagined futures. Underpinning all this work, and developed through my writing, is an interest in qualitative methods, particularly ethnographic, mobile and multimodal methods (soundwalks in particular).
















I am course convenor of Cultural Sociology (2nd Year), the Dissertation module in third year (with Steven Stanley) and  2nd Year Qualitative Research Methods (with Des Fitzgerald). I also teach on Children and Childhood (2nd Year), and Msc Qual Methods and the MSc Childhood and Youth.

Current PhD students:

Madelaine Philips: Welsh National Theatre, Community Engagement

Miriam Hunt: Museums, Community Engagement.

Below are details of some of the previous research projects I have worked on:

2013-2014: CAER Heritage project -- Heritage Lottery Funded, All Our Stories: Community Produced Heritage Trail

Public engagement with local people in Ely and Caerau areas of Cardiff to produce a multimodal heritage trail. The CAER project this was part of won the National Co-ordinating Centre for Public Engagement overall prize in the Engage Competition 2014, as well as winning the History and Heritage Category prize.

2009-2013: Knowing Localities in Context, Young People and Place.

Using ethnographic methods, including mobile and visual methods, this project engaged young people about their places and uncovered narratives around how these places were used, sustained and threatened.

Localities Project. Using semi-structured interviews, this project mapped out the organisational structures and interactional networks of Local Authority Councils.

2012: Story Telling, producing a digital resource with a group of young women to tell us about their place in the world

2012: Beacon for Wales funded Sounding the Way project, producing audio walks with young men in Grangetown

2006-2009: Deep Localities research project, Wales Rural Observatory. Using ethnographic methods this project undertook four deep rural locality studies, inspired by existing Welsh community studies.

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