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Bella Orpen

Research Assistant



Bella Orpen is a research assistant on the University Police Science Institute (UPSI) branch of the Crime and Security Research Institute. She is a member of the OSCAR research project. This project aims to understand the impact of disinformation through open source research and social media analysis.


Bella has an MA First Class Honours in Economics and Politics from the University of Edinburgh. Her final year dissertation was an econometric analysis of the effect of prostitution law on human trafficking inflows. The results of this analysis were presented to the cross party group against commercial sexual exploitation at Scottish Parliament. 

Bella joined the CSRI in 2019 as a research assistant on the UPSI branch. Her research has focused on audience reception to disinformation. Including reports into UK Covid disinformation and Covid disinformation in Western Europe. https://static1.squarespace.com/static/57875c16197aea2902e3820e/t/5ed669b5340a4e4a010a01aa/1591110074969/OSCAR+Survey+Report+%231.pdf https://static1.squarespace.com/static/57875c16197aea2902e3820e/t/5f733197294be10059d28d79/1601384861015/Survey+of+Public+Attitudes+to+Coronavirus+Disinformation+and+Fake+News+in+France%2C+Germany%2C+Italy%2C+Spain+and+the+UK.pdf


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