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 Tengxiang Su

Tengxiang Su

Myfyriwr ymchwil, Ysgol Peirianneg

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Dr. Su obtained his M.Arch in Architectural Design from University Colleage London and Ph.D in Computer Engineering at Cardiff University. His research focuses on big data, machine learning, deep learning, BIM and data standardization that can benefit information exchange in our real life. 


Traethawd ymchwil

A BIM and Machine Learning Integration Framework for Automated Property Valuation

With Big Data applications in real estate domain growing fast, computer-aided valuation systems such as AI-enhanced automated valuation models (AVMs) have the potential to address current issues such as low transparency, inaccuracy and inefficiency. On the one hand, while the advantages of Machine Learning for property valuation have been recognized by researchers and professionals, the predictive accuracy and model interpretability of current AVMs still need to be improved. On the other hand, the benefits and opportunities of BIM for property valuation have gradually captured the attention, but little effort has been made on standard data interpretation and information exchange in property valuation process.

This thesis presents a novel system that leverages holistic data interpretation, facilitates information exchange between AEC projects and property valuation, and an improved AVM for property valuation.  A mixed research method was adopted combining archival literature research, qualitative and quantitative data analysis. A BIM and Machine Learning (ML) integration framework for automated property valuation was proposed which contains an IFC extension for property valuation, an IFC-based information extraction and an automated valuation model based on genetic algorithm optimized machine learning (GA-GBR).

This research contributes to managing information exchange between AEC projects and property valuation and enhancing automated valuation models. It was suggested that the infusion of BIM, ML and other emerging digital technologies might add value to property valuation and the construction industry.



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