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Research Overview

My research is aimed at studying the visual function and retinal structure of people with nystagmus, a condition in which the eyes oscillate constantly. My PhD began in October 2016 under the supervision of Dr Matt Dunn, Dr Jennifer Acton and Prof. Jonathan Erichsen.

Teaching Overview

I am a demonstrator in the first year Basic Clinical Techniques and in the second year Investigative Techniques undergraduate optometry clinics.

Educational and Professional Qualifications

2016 MCOptom The College of Optometrists

2012-2015 BSc (1st class Honours) Optometry Cardiff University

Research Topics and Related Projects

My research involves using the technique of microperimetry to study the visual field of people with nystagmus. Microperimetry is a way of relating the function of the visual system to precise structural locations within the retina. This technique is also incredibly useful in measuring the visual field of people with unstable fixation (i.e. nystagmus) for which conventional perimetry procedures do not work. I will also be using the technique of Optical Coherence Tomography to further analyse the structure of the retina in people with nystagmus. By investigating the link between retinal structure and visual function in nystagmus we hope to understand more about how it develops and how people with nystagmus truly see the world.

Research Team

Dr Matt J Dunn, Cardiff University (Primary supervisor)
Dr Jennifer Acton, Cardiff University (Second supervisor)
Prof. Jonathan Erichsen, Cardiff University (Third supervisor)

Honours and Awards

2014 College of Optometrists Summer Research Scholarship

Professional Memberships

Association of Optometrists
Member of the College of Optometrists (MCOptom)
GOC registered optometrist


 Matthew Dunn

Dr Matt Dunn


Jon Erichsen

Yr Athro Jonathan Erichsen

Director of Postgraduate Research