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 Chen Yang

Chen Yang

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My name is Chen YANG, a PhD student in the School of Modern Languages.  My research aims to investigate how Chinese state agencies use international co-production documentaries as a strategy of cultural diplomacy, offering an analysis of the nature and impact of such films as vehicles for cross-cultural communication and national image-making.

From 2012 to 2018, I completed two bachelor's degrees at Shandong University of Arts and Griffith University, and a master's degree at the University of Technology, Sydney, they were all related to film production and media studies. My study experience in different cultural backgrounds of China and Australia has given me a certain understanding of Chinese and Western humanistic culture, film culture, film technology and many other aspects. 

Right after I graduated from the University of Technology, Sydney, I cherished the opportunity to work in China Report with China International Publishing Group as a film and television program director and producer. I have produced more than fifteen international foreign-oriented publicity films, three of them won Chinese national awards, including international co-production documentaries and short videos. 


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Research interests

My research interests are mainly focus on Chinese film and television products, especially the role of international cooperation projects in the field of cultural diplomacy.  Based on my working experience in the film and television industry, I also maintain a high degree of interest in the practice of film and television.

Traethawd ymchwil

Projecting China’s idea of China: An analysis of international co-production documentaries as a vehicle for cultural diplomacy, 1980 – present.

My thesis investigates how Chinese state agencies use international co-production of documentary film as a strategy of cultural diplomacy. It will examine the history of documentary co-production in China from 1980, tracing the changes in techniques, aesthetics and policies, and focussing on the current prospects for cross-cultural communication and collaboration on documentaries in China.   The thesis will analyse five representative documentaries as case studies from three different perspectives, includes textual analysis, understanding of production and political contexts and the reception of the films by a general audience in China and overseas


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