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 Satrupa Ghosh

Satrupa Ghosh

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Satrupa is a Doctoral Researcher in Business Studies at Cardiff University. Her research examines the intermediary role of business accelerators within regional entrepreneurial ecosystems. She is an experienced early-stage venture investment and digital marketing professional with more than two decades of experience in consumer marketing and brand strategy. Over the years, she has worked closely with several high growth startups & accelerators, including London City Incubator, City Venture Labs and Mass Challenge UK, as a business mentor and growth consultant. 
She has an MBA from Cass Business School, and in her previous role worked as the Head of Marketing and Digital for one of London’s oldest VC firms. In 2020, she switched from industry to academia and is currently a PGR Tutor at Cardiff Business School and a faculty member at Hult Business School, London, teaching Marketing, Strategy & Entrepreneurship.


Diddordebau ymchwil

Accelerators are only one of many types of intermediaries that are emerging and may exist in a region. Cataloguing the vast number of programs, as well as creating a taxonomy of entrepreneurship and innovation programs will allow comparison across different types of programs.

Once we have a catalogue of programs in a region and a way of comparing programs with one another, it becomes possible to systematically understand how the spatial distribution of entrepreneurship support programs alters the likelihood of entrepreneurial entry, the probability of success conditional on entry, and the fate of regional innovation ecosystems.

This research aims to build on existing knowledge by examining the role of accelerators as a catalytic agent of growth in a regional ecosystem; juxtaposing and analysing existing studies and; applying an alternative analytical lens to support the hypotheses. The approach will be to first, understand and consolidate the research around specific entrepreneurial ecosystems as a framework for new business growth. Second, to derive a modern and most reconcilable characterisation of the concept of business accelerators. Third, to summarise the research that focusses on market applications, and lastly to evaluate the role of accelerators as high potential catalysts that are both an actor of an entrepreneurial ecosystem and also a viable for-profit business attempting to achieve high growth.


  • Cardiff Business School: Marketing & Strategy department- PGR Tutor 

  • Hult Business School: Marketing & Entrepreneurship- Adjunct Faculty

Traethawd ymchwil

The Intermediary Role of Accelerators in the Growth and Success of Early-Stage Ventures in a Regional Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

 The research is aimed at developing a better academic understanding of accelerators (and accelerated startups) within a regional entrepreneurial ecosystem with an attempt to understand their role as generators of value and capital for themselves and for the companies they invest in.

The objective is to study the process and business models of accelerators and how they contribute towards a measurable value-creation that sets them apart from other enabler agents in this ecosystem such as incubators, angel investors and seed-stage venture capitalists. The intention is to do a comparative study of accelerators within the UK’s entrepreneurial ecosystem with that of another strong entrepreneurial hub such as India to understand the differences and commonalities of the accelerator ecosystem within set parameters. 


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