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 Omar Mohammed

Omar Mohammed

Myfyriwr ymchwil, Busnes

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I am a second year doctoral student in Marketing and Strategy at Cardiff Business School. My PhD research looks at exploring the social and psychological barriers impacting consumers buying behaviour of Battery Electric Vehicles (BEV) in Wales.


  • 2020 - MSc in Social Science Research Method (SSRM)

  • 2019 - MSc in International Management

  • 2018 - BSc in International Economics and Finance


Diddordebau ymchwil

  • Sustainable Consumption

  • Green Purchases

  • Green Technology


- BS3747 Cultural Markering (Undergraduate), Teaching Assistant

- BS3002 Asian Managment Systems (Undergraduate), Teaching Assistant

- BS3012 Digital Marketing (Undergraduate), Teaching Assistant

- BST192 Service Marketing (MSc), Teaching Assistant

Traethawd ymchwil

Sustainable Transport: A Behavioural Study Investigating the Implementation of Battery Electric Vehicles in Wales

The transition to driving electric is welcomed by industry stakeholders as well as Governments however the acceptance and adoption of Electric Vehicles are met with wide spread barriers among consumers. My research will aim to investigate the social and psychological barriers impacting consumers purchasing behaviour of Battery Electric Vehicles (BEV). This research focuses on Wales given that Wales has the least number of Electric Vehicle users compared to other UK nations presenting an opportunity for exciting research. Whilst current research has presented various factors in relation to barriers of adoption. much of the previous research have neglected how these factors shape consumers acceptance of ‘Green Technology’ which not only impacts consumers understanding of BEVs but also their confidence that accepting these eco-friendly vehicles are ready to meet their expectations. A mixed methods approach to investigate this study will be adopted. This will see quantitative data collected through surveys of non-BEV users and qualitative data collected through focus groups of current BEV users and insight from the Welsh Government by means of interviews. This theoretical contribution of bridging the gap between technology acceptance and green innovations will support hesitate individuals and provide the confidence to accept BEVs as a sustainable solution to consumer transport. 

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ESRC Wales



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