Ewch i’r prif gynnwys

Arsyllfa Ymchwil Anffurfioldeb

Mae’r Arsyllfa Ymchwil Anffurfioldeb yn dod ag academyddion sydd yn gweithio i ddeall a datblygu atebion ar gyfer yr economi anffurfiol ynghyd.

The Informality Research Observatory brings together academics who are working to understand and develop solutions for the informal economy.

From street traders, to construction workers and cleaners, the informal economy is the life blood of 21st century cities. Yet workers face limited rights and dire working conditions, and city governments need expertise to protect and empower vulnerable workers and to profit from this dynamic economy.

Cymerwch olwg ar ein prosiectau, pob un yn edrych ar ardal wahanol o'r economi anffurfiol.

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