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About us

The Crime and Security Research Institute brings together Cardiff University's significant interdisciplinary research expertise in the fields of crime and security.

The effective management of crime and security is one of the biggest challenges we face in today's world. Our response to this challenge is to conduct research on a local and global scale, combining existing academic excellence from within the Universities Police Science Institute, the Violence Research Group and the Informatics and Visual Computing Research Groups in a dynamic new initiative.

We will foster creative and innovative conceptual and methodological approaches to shape policy and practice development in relation to crime and security challenges locally, nationally and internationally; we are committed to sustaining a record of achieving real-world impact as well as addressing community concerns.

Our research programme is organised around four key themes:

  • behaviour change
  • data to decision
  • prevention and protection
  • neighbourhood to national security

Over the past decade several of Cardiff’s research units have achieved international renown for their work across different areas of crime and security studies. We will draw upon the expertise of people from across the University's three colleges, bringing together collective experience of crime, security and justice research, to design and deliver new insights and evidence.

The Crime and Security Institute will build on our reputation for leading the way in knowledge coproduction methodologies, working directly and collaboratively with people engaged in policy and practice development roles. In doing so, we will build on existing external partnerships with research collaborators such as IBM, the World Health Organisation and the College of Policing to enhance the reach and impact of our research.

The knowledge and expertise of those involved in our Research Institute has already directly influenced national government policy, contributed to the former UK coalition government's plans and been cited in a White House press release.