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Special events for schools

Apply for a China Day, workshop or a taster session in your school, where children can experience tailor-made activities centred around Chinese culture and/or language.

Our options for events in schools range from a full ‘China Day’ where pupils can immerse themselves in the country, its language and its culture, to standalone workshops and language taster sessions.

  • China Days and China Half Days can be arranged around a Chinese festival or event, a specific theme or simply be a general introduction to China
  • workshops can be tailored to meet the needs of the pupils - they can be held as standalone sessions or part of your school’s own Activity or Culture days
  • at our Taster Days, pupils are introduced to the basics of Mandarin Chinese be that spoken, written or both
  • you might also wish to choose to hold an assembly, special class or a talk at your school


Activities are based on tutor skills and availability, but past events have included Chinese:

  • exercise i.e. Tai Chi and Baduanjin qigong
  • cooking
  • handicrafts i.e. paper-cutting and folding
  • calligraphy
  • Mandarin language
  • dance
  • early morning exercises for children
  • songs and music
  • traditional face and mask painting
  • story-telling
  • talks on specific themes i.e. youth culture, geographical differences

Events are subject to the availability of tutors. Schools located within an hour to 90 minutes from Cardiff city centre, which can be reached by public transport, will be requested to cover the costs. We are not able to provide these options to schools located beyond 90 minutes outside of Cardiff.

Apply for an event

Complete our event form to apply for an event at your school.

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