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Thursday 8 June

09:30 - Registration and refreshments (ground floor CUBRIC reception, Maindy Road, CF24 4HQ)

10:00 - Welcome – Richard Wise

10:10 - Professor Felix Wehrli (University of Pennsylvania) – 'Principles and applications of MRI susceptometry for quantifying CMRO2'

11:00 - Proffered paper: E. Kleban et al 'Quantification of cerebral venous oxygenation using a two-pool model of local phase evolution'

11:20 - Coffee break

11:40 - Dr Nic Blockley (University of Oxford) – 'R2' based approaches to mapping brain oxygen extraction fraction'

12:30 - Proffered paper: R.J. Williams et al 'Flow and metabolic coupling associated with positive and negative BOLD responses across retinotopic early visual cortices'

12:50 - Lunch and posters

13:40 - Professor Sue Francis (University of Nottingham) – 'Quantifying cerebrovascular function with 7T MRI: challenges and opportunities'

14:30 - Proffered paper: H. Moller et al 'Investigating the calibrated BOLD response along the cortical depth—prospects and pitfalls'

14:50 - Dr Claudine Gauthier (Concordia University) - 'Calibrated fMRI for measuring absolute oxygen consumption: methods and applications'

15:40 - Tea break

16:00 - Cerebrovascular reactivity (CVR) session:

  • Allen Champagne, ‘Characterising the regional and inter-subject variability between cerebrovascular reactivity measurements: BOLD vs. cerebral blood flow MRI’
  • James Duffin, ‘Measuring cerebrovascular reactivity in terms of resistance’
  • Jill De Vis, ‘BOLD CVR: validation with phase-contrast MRI and dependence on gas concentration’
  • Nicholas Blockley, ‘Rapid cerebrovascular reactivity mapping: Comparison of a sinusoid protocol with the conventional block protocol’
  • Sana Suri, ‘Reduced cerebrovascular reactivity in young adults carrying the APOE ε4 allele’

16:50 - Tours of CUBRIC and demonstration of Respiract (Thornhill Research)

19:00 - Conference dinner – Barley and Rye

Friday 9 June

09:00 - Refreshments

09:30 - Dr Marius de Groot (GSK) – 'Imaging biomarkers for modern drug development: opportunities and challenges'

10:20 - Proffered paper: A. Merola et al 'The acute effects of caffeine on brain oxygen metabolism: a dual calibrated FMRI study'

10:40 - Proffered paper: L. Vaclavu et al 'Dynamic cerebrovascular reactivity mapping in Sickle Cell Disease using pCASL with acetazolamide administration'

11:00 - Coffee break

11:20 - Professor Leif Ostergaard (Aarhus University) – 'The microvascular distribution of blood flow: impacts on neurovascular coupling, BOLD signals, and brain disorders'

12:10 - Proffered paper: D. Dubowitz et al 'CMRO2 reactivity to CO2 and visual stimulation during hypoxia'

12:30 - Proffered paper: Z. Lin et al 'Non-contrast assessment of blood-brain-barrier permeability using water extraction estimation with spin tagging (WEEST) MRI'

12:50 - Lunch and posters

13:40 - Thomas Okell (Oxford University) - 'Advanced arterial spin labelling: techniques and applications'

14:30 - Proffered paper: M. Tachrount 'Haemodynamic and metabolic MR biomarkers of disease progression in an animal model of relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis'

14:50 - Proffered paper: J. Berwick et al 'Could vasomotion be an emergent early biomarker of cerebrovascular disease?'

15:10 - Tea break

15:30 - Dr Ilias Tachsidis (University College London) – 'NIRS in neuroscience and in the clinic, from babies to adults: current and future developments'

16:20 - Discussion and closing remarks