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We are pleased to invite you to the 3rd international symposium on Imaging Cerebral Physiology on 8/9 June 2017 in Cardiff.


The conference will centre on work in the field of oxygen metabolism and cerebrovascular function. It will include discussion of advanced MRI methods, the modeling of MR signals and tissue physiology, and the clinical, research and industrial applications of these methods.

This 2-day symposium will bring together researchers and clinicians interested in developing and applying the latest methods for investigating brain blood flow and oxygen metabolism. It will take place at the new Cardiff University Brain Research Imaging Centre .

The meeting  will consist of invited talks from leading international researchers and presentations of the latest work in the field through proffered papers. We plan to allow ample time for discussion and debate of hot topics.

We encourage attendees to submit abstracts  of their work. Some will be selected for oral presentations during the scientific sessions while others will be presented as traditional posters.

Conference objectives

  • To present state-of-the-art MRI and complementary imaging techniques (e.g. NIRS) measuring cerebral metabolic activity and cerebrovascular function
  • To discuss biophysical modeling approaches to extracting physiological information from MR signals
  • To discuss the potential applications of these approaches and their limitations
  • To bring together methods researchers, neuroscientists, clinicians and industry researchers for clinical and economic impact.


The conference is supported by