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Teaching facilities

Our facilities are consistently rated highly among computing schools in the UK by students voting in the annual National Student Survey.

Abacws offers the very best in exciting new teaching spaces, including lecture theatres and seminar rooms that encourage collaboration and creative thinking. Our fantastic computer labs allow students to work both individually and collaboratively on fundamental aspects of the subject such as coding, and our software and specialised equipment is maintained by our dedicated in-School technical team.

Various "niche" spaces feature throughout the building allowing students to work in a relaxed and informal manner, either on group projects or individual study. Abacws also boasts a Makerspace and IT workshop to support practical computer science projects and a cybersecurity lab for teaching and research.

This flexible teaching laboratory space has a total of 102 workstations running Microsoft Windows operating system. They are similar to the PCs available in all libraries and IT rooms across campus with some additional, locally-licensed applications.

Running Linux Ubuntu, this Lab contains 40 workstations, each with a powerful graphics card to better support multi-threaded and graphics programming.

The 60 PCs in this teaching laboratory have better than average RAM and CPU to support the virtual machines they host. They are connected to an isolated, local network which can be configured to better explore the security challenges facing today's professionals.

Students at the National Software Academy are provided with dedicated equipment whilst also utilising all School and University services.