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Dealing with depression

8 June 2012

A technique which helps people control activity in a specific part of their brain could be used to help ease depression, University research has found.

You’re hired!

7 June 2012

A scientific business proposal by Cardiff graduate Richard "Ricky" Martin won him a £250,000 partnership in the final of the BBC’s The Apprentice.

TEDxCardiff partnership

27 April 2012

Watch videos from TEDxCardiff.

Significant Increase in Undergraduate Recruitment for Biosciences

12 April 2012

Increase in application rate for Biosciences.

Powerful new cells cloned

21 March 2012

Key to immune system disease could lie inside the cheek.

Science in Health Live

19 March 2012

Demonstrating the science behind medicine.

Stem cell awareness

27 January 2012

Event showcases University’s leading stem cell research.

Stem cell awareness

27 January 2012

Experts in stem cell research from across the University have come together to help raise awareness of their work and promote greater research collaborations.

Ford drives the next generation

27 January 2012

Ten of Cardiff University’s most promising engineers and scientists are each set to receive a scholarship as part of a new £1 million Ford university scholarship programme, designed to encourage a new generation of UK scientists and celebrate 100 years of Ford’s commitment to the UK.

Tackling knee pain

27 January 2012

Running backwards provides important insights into painful joint condition