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Get the facts about bipolar

26 June 2012

New leaflet to help patients and carers.

Business innovation

26 June 2012

Drug discovery recognised for its healthcare, commercial and economic benefits.

Innovation and Impact

26 June 2012

Awards celebrate Cardiff’s outstanding research.

Saving lives at sea

26 June 2012

Improving maritime safety and reducing seafarers’ fatigue.

Improving patient safety

25 June 2012

Novel shape-coded system provides innovative solution to potentially fatal problem.

Queen’s birthday honours

19 June 2012

Recognition in the Queen’s Birthday Honours.

Resisting temptation

15 June 2012

New research from psychologists at the Universities of Exeter and Cardiff shows that people can train their brains to become less impulsive, resulting in less risk-taking during gambling.

Inspire Wales Award

15 June 2012

A University expert in drug discovery has been recognised with an Inspire Wales Award.

Unexpected discovery reveals potential therapeutic target

15 June 2012

An unexpected discovery of how the body controls cell death has revealed a potential new therapeutic target.

New arthritis research centre unveiled

11 June 2012

Wales’ first research centre dedicated to developing new drugs and treatments to ease the pain and suffering of arthritis sufferers has been unveiled.