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Inclusive PhD scholarships programme

New for 2024, our inclusive scholarships programme will promote the benefits of SHAPE (Social Sciences, Humanities and the Arts for People and the Economy) researcher careers to more diverse communities.

We recognise the need to accelerate support, and enhance opportunities, for under-represented groups. This scholarship programme seeks to develop a more inclusive research community at Cardiff University and enable scholarship awardees to achieve their full potential and benefit from a postgraduate qualification and experience.

It also aims to make a difference to external communities and the experiences of people from minority or marginalised groups through the research projects it will fund.


There are 2 routes to apply for.

Pre-determined projects

First, we’re offering the opportunity to apply for a scholarship associated with one of 10 pre-determined projects on themes from mental health diagnostic injustices to deaf citizenship in Wales and diversity and inclusion in the creative industries.

Explore the pre-determined project options.

This project inherently addresses equality and diversity. It is designed to advance understandings of minoritised young people’s experiences with, and opinions of, criminalisation, policing and the criminal justice system.

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This project offers you an opportunity to explore the multimedia work of one of the most important contemporary Black British poets—and to reimagine the canon of Romantic poetry for artists, readers and students today.

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Mental health diagnoses are not equally distributed across the population, let alone across different countries and cultures.

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This project offers an exciting opportunity to work at the interface between the everyday lives of excluded children and young people, those who make decisions at the city level, and more widely.

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Employee ownership (EO) of firms is an exciting development for ethical business, as EO spreads rapidly across the UK.

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This project centres on the experience of workers in craft jobs within the screen and theatre sectors in Wales. Most of what we know about working in the creative industries relates to on-screen, visible talent or the experience of those in prominent production roles.

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Charitable organisations serve as spaces for moral action where selfless acts of kindness and generosity of benefactors are interwoven with the pro-social behaviours of workers and managers for societal benefit.

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This project explores the connections between the decline of the woollen industry in Wales after the abolition of slavery (1833-38), rural worker movements in Wales (e.g., the Swing Riots of the 1830s, Chartism in the 1840s) and wider abolitionist and anti-slavery movements in the UK and the Caribbean.

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In this project, you’ll examine the Japanese translation and reception of the writings of the Martinique-born psychiatrist and intellectual Frantz Fanon, whose texts were crucial in shaping Japanese intellectuals’ understanding of race and colonialism.

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Decolonisation has grabbed national media attention but efforts in institutions like universities often fail to address the challenges it poses.

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Open competition

The second option is an open competition, where you can propose a research project of your own.


The scholarship will cover fees and provide a stipend in line with UKRI rates up to 4 years of funding. You’ll also be eligible for a research training and support grant in line with the mean grant provided across the College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences (£1300).

We will also support you in applying for an internship to gain valuable employability skills, with an additional £2000 available to support uptake of an any unpaid/modestly paid internship.


The scholarships programme is open to Black, Asian, or people of a minority ethnic heritage, including people of a mixed race/ethnic background, who are British nationals and domiciled in the UK. This includes those granted refugee status. Applicants cannot have attended fee paying secondary schools unless on a merit based, means-tested, full academic scholarship or bursary.

Application process

To apply please complete one of the following forms:


The deadline for applications to both routes is Thursday 28 March 2024.

Contact us

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