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Briefing papers

Our briefing papers include reflections on key issues, and reports of externally-hosted events on topics of relevance to the Capital Region.

The employment challenge ahead

Recent ONS data highlight the employment challenge facing the region. Why are employment prospects so poor, and what might be done to meet the challenge?

Developing the smart city: Lessons from Milton Keynes

The ‘Smart City’ is the new zeitgeist amongst urban policy makers but what exactly is a ‘smart city’, and what are the benefits that it brings?

Cardiff Convention

An opportunity to share thoughts on the future development of Cardiff and to learn from experiences elsewhere in the world.

City Region Debates

What is the role of places and how can we rebalance the UK economy? This was the question facing the panel at the Royal Geographical Society on Tuesday 21st October.

Rights to the City.docx

Right to the City and Contemporary Public Policy - Some Preliminary Reflections on the UK Context.

City Region Exchange - Briefing 1

City Region Exchange Briefing Note 1 - What are city-regions?

Written Submission to the National Assembly for Wales May 2015.pdf

This written submission focuses primarily on issues relating to: the current progress of the City Region and Metro projects; the approach to governance of the City Regions and Metro; and the connections between the City Region and Metro developments, and other related policies and plans.