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Student Success

3 May 2013

Cardiff student named Low Carbon Undergraduate of the Year

UK Catalysis Hub opens

22 April 2013

New research hub promises cheaper energy, cleaner environment and economic development.

Creating a stronger, greener UK

31 January 2013

Cardiff Catalysis Institute (CCI) to lead new Catalysis hub.

Efficient gas separation

21 January 2013

New polymer selectively sieves gas molecules.

A catalyst for change

18 July 2012

Major investment as Cardiff Catalysis Institute becomes Chancellor’s Research Institute.

A Celebration of Organic Chemistry

21 June 2012

Nobel laureates among the speakers at Professor’s honorary symposium.

New uses for diesel by-products

24 January 2012

A new catalytic process discovered by the Cardiff Catalysis Institute could unleash a range of useful new by-products from diesel fuel production.