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Katie Lewis

Katie Lewis is a PhD student working with the mood disorders research group within the MRC Centre. 

I was awarded an MRC Studentship in 2012 had the opportunity to complete three different research projects looking at various aspects of bipolar disorder. In 2013, I began my PhD investigated the effects of sleep on bipolar. Specifically, I look at whether changes in sleep patterns could be used as an early warning sign of symptoms.

My findings could lead to ways of using existing technology to monitor sleep and alert people with bipolar disorder when they might be at risk of relapse, particularly in those who are genetically prone to sleep loss. It could also be used to provide them with advice on what to do next, or even alert medical professionals or carers.

Photograph of Katie Lewis demonstrating a watch used as part of her research
Katie demonstrates the watch she asks volunteers to wear to measure their sleep patterns.

Public engagement 

I have a keen interest in public engagement and I'm particularly passionate about encouraging others into science. I think it's really important that we engage with young people on the sciences, as they will be the next generation of researchers who will take our work forward to the next level, and hopefully change people’s lives for the better in the future.

I've volunteered at events such as Cardiff Brain Games and Cheltenham Science Festival and I'm on the committee for Cardiff SciScreen. I've also blogged about my research for the National Centre for Mental Health and about social isolation for SciScreen.

Contact Katie

If you want to speak to Katie about her work, please get in touch.