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Dissertations and theses

PhD theses

More recent successful doctoral theses are currently subject to a time-limited ‘bar on access’ and will become available when this bar of access expires.

Morris, Carl 2013. Sounds Islamic? Muslim music in Britain. PhD Thesis, Cardiff University.

Warden, Rosalind 2013. A sociological study of Islamic social work in contemporary Britain. PhD Thesis, Cardiff University.

MA dissertations

All dissertations by Jameel scholars for the Master's degree 'Islam In Contemporary Britain' since the programme began.


Seherish Abrar
Female ‘Ulama in West Yorkshire

Muhammad Belal Ghafoor
The future of Muslim religious leadership in Scotland

Megan Richards
Team sport in Wales: Access and engagement for Muslim women. A specific focus on netball in the region 

Rory Wade
Is anti-Ahmadiyya discrimination an issue in the British Muslim community?


Hasnan Hussain
How do British Muslims who have same-sex attractions negotiate their identity?


Faisal Ali
Policing Campus: Muslim students and Prevent

Grace Phelps
What does the use of online matrimonial sites reveal about British Muslim women today?


Joseph Ford
Does Islamic critical realism provide a useful ‘lens’ for researching contemporary British Muslim leadership and civil engagement?

Thomas Walters
British Muslims’ experiences of interfaith dialogue


Sandra Maurer
Embodying the Qur’an in 21st century Britain: a case study with a Muslim university student

Natasha Tiley
British-Muslim perceptions of 'Citizen Khan'


Yunus Ali
How and to what extent can modern educational practices be employed to help make traditional Islamic education more meaningful and relevant for young Muslims living in Britain?: A case study of the Amanah Centre 

Anisa Ather
Why are British Muslims writing? Interviews with three British-Muslim memoir writers

Matthew Vince
'We don’t make life, we reflect it' Eastenders: Masood family and the question of Islamophobic representation within the British Media


Ellora Adam
Exploring the role and potential of theatre in Islamic supplementary education

Fambaye Sow
What are British Muslims’ perceptions in regard to the situation of Muslims in France?


Abdul-Azim Ahmed
Visual Dhikr: a visual analysis of mosques in Cardiff

Adviya Khan
Muslim women in hip-hop: an ethnographic study of ‘poetic pilgrimage’

Emily-Rose Lewis
The Living Islam Festival: An Example of a British Muslim Community?


Helen Falconer
Gathering for the sake of Allah: an ethnographic account of a women’s Halaqa group in Cardiff

Mustafa Hameed
British Muslims and developing notions of citizenship