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Doctoral enquiries

The Centre specialises in the social-scientific study of Islam and Muslims in contemporary Britain.

We welcome enquiries from prospective doctoral students for projects on a wide range of topics, that specifically relate to Islam and Muslims in the British context, and that employ social-scientific/anthropological research techniques.

Enquiries for interdisciplinary/jointly supervised research are also welcome since the Centre has strong links to academics working in other Schools in Cardiff University, such as:

Suggested research topics

  • Training of Imams and religious leadership in Britain
  • The history and development of the Muslim community in Wales
  • Muslim chaplaincy and Islam in public life
  • Muslim women in Britain: strategies for empowerment
  • Islam in the urban environment
  • The economics of Muslim communities in Britain
  • The transformation of religious thought in British Muslim communities.

How to make an enquiry

Please send your written proposal along with your current CV to Professor Gilliat-Ray at:

To progress your enquiry about doctoral research, please send a written proposal of around 3,000 words. This should outline:

  • your research aims and objectives
  • your research questions
  • your intended methodology
  • an indicative timetable
  • a bibliography.