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Michael Munnik – IPSO: press regulator’s ‘guidance’ for reporting on Muslims is not fit for purpose

26 November 2020

It shouldn’t be controversial to say journalists have failed in reporting on Muslims and Islam in the UK. Inaccurate use of terms and frequently negative constructions can make the religion seem strange, dangerous, or simply not British. Scholars have shown how journalists frequently associate Islam with terrorism and extremism. Though the news is often “bad”,

Sophie Gilliat-Ray – In Memoriam: Ataullah Siddiqui – A Personal Reflection

9 November 2020

On 8 November 2020, the world of British Muslim Studies lost one of its most thoughtful founding scholars. Ataullah Siddiqui worked at the Islamic Foundation in Leicester and its sister institution, Markfield Institute of Higher Education, for some 40 years. He touched the lives of thousands. He was highly regarded in many spheres of academic life, but

Riyaz Timol – Understanding British Imams: Project Update

31 July 2020

For many of us, 2020 will have been the most disruptive year in living memory. While the ‘new normal’ we have been obliged to navigate has, by now, considerably aged, much uncertainty still lingers in the air due to the Covid-19 global pandemic. In June, staff and students of Cardiff University’s Islam-UK Centre held our

Sophie Gilliat-Ray – Surviving Research in Difficult Times

4 June 2020

The Islam-UK Centre at Cardiff University specialises in approaches to research that are qualitative in nature. We flourish from our engagement with experiences, meanings, and ideas, either from the people with whom we do research in-person, or via textual material. Our research methodologies shape our collective modus operandi and our preference for doing things together as

Iman AbdoulKarim – How the MA Prepared Me for My PhD Journey

21 May 2020

I began the MA Islam in Contemporary Britain programme in 2017 as a part the US-UK Fulbright postgraduate programme, and will begin a PhD in Religious Studies at Yale University this autumn. My time as an MA student at the Centre for the Study of Islam in the UK was invaluable. The programme’s interdisciplinary approach

In memoriam: Bill Gent

13 May 2020

by Prof. Sophie Gilliat-RayDirector, Centre for the Study of Islam in the UK It is with great sadness and a sense of real loss that we are recording the death of Dr Bill Gent (2nd May, 2020).  He was a true friend of the Islam-UK Centre, supporting its community of scholarship and its many projects

Usaama al-Azami: How have the Arab Revolutions affected Western Muslims?

4 February 2020

In a forthcoming book, Islam and the Arab Revolutions, I explore the engagements of the ulama (Islamic scholars) both in favour of and opposed to the popular uprisings that began nearly a decade ago against autocracy in the Middle East. An understudied facet of these revolutions has been their impact on Western Muslims, a question

Belal Ghafoor – From one capital to another: (I would go) 400 miles

2 July 2019

I write this in the glorious summer sunshine of South Wales deliberating over the past nine months at the Islam-UK Centre. As a Jameel scholar privileged to undertake the MA Islam in Contemporary Britain, I have had an extremely fruitful year. I was aware of the Islam-UK Centre for many years, but after coming (perhaps

Yasmin Begum – Mixed race and Cymraes: Stori Yasmin

16 May 2019

At the end of the 19th century and the beginning of 20th century, one of the largest linguistic groups in Butetown were Welsh people. Welsh was spoken everyday and by a whole range of people from different areas. Cardiff is a port city with a huge proportion of mixed race people.  Despite this, conversations on Islam, ethnic

James Hegarty – A new insight on the Islam-UK Centre

19 March 2019

I have just taken over as Head of the School of History, Archaeology and Religion. One of my new duties has been to take on the role of the Chair of the Islam-UK Centre’s Management Committee. I was not sure what this would involve, but I knew that I was excited to see ‘under the