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Projects and funding

Cardiff University has been successful in attracting sustained external cyber security research funding for nearly a decade.

We have received more than £3.8m between 2012 and 2016 and a further £4m to support the research centre between 2017 and 2021.

Funding has been awarded from UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) bodies, such as the EPSRC and Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC), industry and government.

Research Council funding

A Framework for Risk-Informed Metrics-Enriched Cybersecurity Playbooks for CNI. Resilience, EPSRC

  • Institutional PI - Dr Yulia Cherdantseva
  • Project in collaboration with the University of Bristol. Bristol Lead: Dr Barney Craggs
  • Industry partners: Airbus, Thales and Toshiba
  • Start: 1 January 2022
  • £500,000

Airbus Cyber Psychology and Human Factors. Airbus and Endeavr Wales, UK

  • Institutional PI Morgan
  • 2019-2022
  • £550,000 since 1 March 2019

Airbus explainable AI (XAI). Airbus

  • Institutional PI MorganJones, Macken, van der Schalk, and Johansen at Cardiff University
  • 2019-2020
  • £45,000

Security perception when interacting with a machine. SOS Alarm, Sweden

  • Institutional PI Morgan, Jones and Macken
  • 2018-2019
  • £30,000

New Industrial Systems: Chatty Factories

  • Institutional Principal Investigator (PI) Burnap
  • 2017-2020
  • £1.8m - EPSRC

SCADA Cyber Security Lifecycle 2 (SCADA-CSL 2)

Social Data Science Lab: Methods and Infrastructure Development for Open Data Analytics in Social Research

  • Institutional PI Burnap with Williams and Rana at Cardiff University
  • 2017-2020
  • £450k - ESRC

EPSRC PETRAS Research Hub, Cyber Security of the Internet of Things - Identifying Attack Vectors for Network Intrusion via IoT devices and Developing a Goal-Oriented Approach to Determining Impact Across Threat Surfaces (IoT Depends)

Flourish Connected Autonomous Vehicles: Empowerment through trusted, secure mobility. IUK

  • Institutional PI Morgan with University of Bristol, UWE-Bristol, BRL, Atkins, Airbus, AXA, Dynniq, Aiseedo, Designability, Traverse, TSC, Bristol City and South Gloucester Council, AgeUK
  • 2016-2019
  • Total grant £5.55m

Detecting and Preventing Mass-Marketing Fraud (DAPM)

  • Institutional PI Levi
  • 2016-2019
  • £845k - EPSRC

Cyber-related Economic Crime and Implications for Policing Approaches

  • Institutional PI Levi with Williams at Cardiff University
  • 2016
  • £25k - City of London Corporation

Fear of Cybercrime and its Cybersecurity Consequences

  • Institutional PI Williams with Levi at Cardiff University
  • 2015-2016
  • £25k - Home Office

SCADA Cyber Security Lifecycle (SCADA-CSL)

Identifying and Modelling Victim, Business, Regulatory and Malware Behaviours in a Changing Cyberthreat Landscape

Cybercrime Reduction Partnership Mapping Study

  • Institutional PI Williams with Levi at Cardiff University
  • 2012-2013
  • £74k - Nominet Trust

Privacy Protection in Event-Based Data Sharing and Analysis

  • Institutional PI Shao
  • 2011-2016
  • £515k - Royal Academy of Engineering Fellowship