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Urban air pollution explored at Hay Festival

25 May 2016

Dr Kelly BéruBé demonstrates the health impact of air pollution at this year's Hay Festival.

Dr Kelly Berube with her Womenspire Award

Inspiring future women in Wales

20 April 2016

University academics pick up awards at ceremony celebrating outstanding achievements of women in Wales

transparency 3d

3D printing of Lego fluidics

14 April 2016

Simple and Versatile 3D Printed Microfluidics Using Fused Filament Fabrication

Scientists may have discovered a way to restore sight

Scientists may have discovered a way to restore sight

17 March 2016

Scientists from Cardiff University say they have found a way of restoring sight by growing tissue from human stem cells

Cardiff Grail

£2M funding boost for arthritis research

11 March 2016

“Transformative potential” of arthritis research recognised in funding renewal

Stem cells

Eye tissue grown in lab

9 March 2016

Vision restored in rabbits following stem cell transplantation

images of brain as scanned by MRI machine

Brain-training computer games to combat Huntington’s disease

2 March 2016

University researchers to present their work to Parliament

Woodcarving of a doctor cauterizing a wound on a man's thigh.

CITER wound healing workshop

19 February 2016

The workshop had a diverse range of speakers from Wales and the UK who presented their work on different aspects of wound related research and innovation. 

Dr Kelly BéRubé

Cardiff University bioscientist shortlisted for ‘Pioneer' Award

10 February 2016

Dr Kelly Bérubé is announced as finalist in the Chwarae Teg Womenspire Awards.

Film crew at the School of Biosciences

School of Biosciences takes part in BBC Wales Body Image Season

2 February 2016

Film crew visits the School of Biosciences for a BBC documentary on self-tanning.