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School of Biosciences takes part in BBC Wales Body Image Season

2 February 2016

Film crew at the School of Biosciences

Dr Kelly BéruBé, Director of the Lung & Particle Research Group at the Cardiff University School of Biosciences, has taken part in a BBC Wales programme which explores our society’s attitudes towards tanning.

Tanning is big business in Wales, with many people resorting to sunbeds, spray tans and even injections, to get that all-important golden glow. Part of BBC Wales’ Body Image Season, this programme investigates the tanning culture in Wales and looks at the lengths some people go to in order to achieve the perfect sun tan.

As well as talking to people who are addicted to tanning (so-called ‘tanorexics’), the show will also investigate the methods people use to self-tan, and consult expert opinion on the potential consequences for people’s health.

Dr Kelly BéruBé of Cardiff University is one such expert. The film crew followed Dr BéruBé as she undertook tests on the toxicity of tanning injections and carried out a spray tan on a mannequin to measure how much of the product gets inhaled during a typical tanning session.

Dr BéruBé said:

“We all know about the link between sunbathing and skin cancer and many people see self-tanning as a safe option. But this is not always necessarily the case. Programmes such as this one are a great opportunity to explore the effects of self-tanning methods and help ensure that people are able to make educated choices about the products they use.”

The programme is fronted by Hayley Pearce, previously of BBC3 Call Centre and self-confessed ‘tanorexic’, and is expected to air on BBC Wales in April.

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