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About us

We are a cross-School and cross-College research network in the broad research areas of stem cell science, tissue engineering and repair and disease translation.

Established in 2003, we provide our members with an active, managed, multi-disciplinary research network to support and facilitate research collaboration, knowledge transfer as well as engaging with the NHS and industry. We brings together over 360 researchers including biologists, engineers, material scientists, social and healthcare scientists, pharmacologists, medics and clinicians and we have been at the forefront of multi-disciplinary working within the University for the last 12 years.

We have developed to provide a financial infrastructure to support early career scientists (ECS) across all Colleges with seedcorn research funding, Young Investigator Award, conference and research travel bursaries, and summer student placements. In addition, CITER operates an MSc in Tissue Engineering which attracts students with BEng, BSc, MBChB, BDS and BPharm degrees. The network promotes, fosters and delivers multidisciplinary working at research, research training and education levels.

We are recognised for its public engagement and extensive outreach activities using its multidisciplinary expertise fulfilling one of Cardiff University's civic missions highlighted in the Way Forward 2018-2023.

Our mission

Our mission is to be an internationally recognised centre of excellence in the fields of stem cell sciences, tissue engineering and repair and disease translation, focusing on interdisciplinary research, education, external networking and clinical practice.

Our aims

  • To enable interdisciplinary stem cell research, tissue engineering research, and disease translation research of international quality and impact.
  • To coordinate inter-School research collaboration encouraging researchers and clinicians to work together to improve clinical provision.
  • To establish highly-regarded postgraduate provision in tissue engineering.
  • To further enhance the profile of Cardiff University in stem cell, tissue engineering & repair and disease translation.
  • To promote the principles of stem cell, tissue engineering & repair and disease translation to Cardiff undergraduate students, the public and primary and secondary schools through public engagement.

Our activities

Our activities offer an established platform from which to successfully develop interdisciplinary research, learning and teaching and public engagement initiatives. In addition, our activities complement and provide added value to individual School research agendas:

  • facilitating research collaboration to support staff research development
  • regularly appraising research opportunities to provide strategic information to relevant researchers supporting the broadest interpretation of CITER activities
  • encouraging closer engagement with clinicians
  • developing the potential for inter-university collaborations, particularly through regular meeting organisation, AGM, seminars and workshops
  • promoting postgraduate student networking
  • supporting and publicising the sharing of equipment and facilities
  • supporting initiatives to enhance public understanding of science and healthcare.

Collaborating Schools

Contact us

For further information about the Cardiff Institute for Tissue Engineering and Repair or to volunteer on our outreach programme, contact our office:

CITER office