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Public engagement

A key part of our remit is public engagement and we are regularly engaged in delivering our portfolio of activities in an increasing number of outreach events each year.

These include Cardiff University events, public events, primary school workshops as well as secondary school visits across Cardiff and the wider convergence area.

From February 2020 we are also inviting primary schools to attend our schools engagement workshops within the University.

We support a vibrant culture of science communication and public engagement.

During these unprecedented times CITER is looking to engage with primary school children virtually and reach out to as many as possible by demonstrating the learning aspects of our scientific activities.

In this video we are using concepts of the “blood and cells” activity which children can watch and participate in at school or at home.

Watch our video about blood and cells

cell workshop

CITER activities

CITER offers a number of curriculum linked school activities.


STEM Ambassadors

A large number of CITER members are STEM ambassadors.

wound painting

Super Science Saturday!

Super Science Saturday is our annual interactive public event which takes place every October at the National Museum Cardiff.


Science in Health Live!

A level students and teachers from across Wales and the border counties visit the University for this annual two day event to gain insight into our ongoing biomedical research.