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Our research earns grants and investments totalling millions of pounds.

Florescently stained cancer cells
Florescently stained cancer cells

Research focus

Our experts are acknowledged as undertaking work of national and international significance. Our research focus is on some of the most aggressive forms of cancer including gastrointestinal cancers, pancreatic cancer, lung cancer and endocrine related cancers, which are amongst the priority areas in healthcare and cancer research in both the UK and China. Our research work has a special focus on metastatic disease.

Research themes

Our current research themes include:

  • tumour-induced angiogenesis, lymph angiogenesis and intervention
  • targeting invasion and metastasis-inducing molecules
  • molecular screening and profiling of tumour metastasis related genes
  • development of new anti-angiogenesis and anti-metastasis agents.

Research outputs

Our links with China have resulted in rewarding outcomes including:

  • joint research publications
  • new diagnosis
  • new medicines
  • patents
  • scientist exchanges.

It is very exciting to see how UK scientists think about cancer research and the different methods used. I found CCMRC to be an exceptional research environment with a friendly, yet academic atmosphere.

Laura Xu Teng, Former Fellow