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Intestinal Cancer Research

The Intestinal Cancer Research Group works to deliver on a CRUK programme grant which models colorectal cancer in the mouse: assessing pathway synergies and antagonisms in vivo and validating therapeutic targets.

Through the use of mouse models, the group aims to define the precise interactions between the Wnt pathway and a group of key genes previously shown to regulate intestinal homeostasis (Apc2, Axin 1, Axin 2, DLG, MBD2, Cited-1, P110a and Brg-1).

This work is augmented with in vitro organoid studies with the specific aim of better understanding the role played by these genes in defining the role of 'stemness' in determining tumour predisposition. Organoids from human colorectal tissue are also used to evaluate the role of these genes in human primary tumour material.

Group lead

Professor Trevor Dale

Professor Trevor Dale

Head of Molecular Biosciences Division

+44 (0)29 2087 4652

Professor Trevor Dale is the named Principal Investigator for this CRUK programme grant which was initially awarded to the late Professor Alan Clarke.