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Dr Catherine Hogan on Confocal Microscope

Pancreatic cancer cells outcompeted by healthy neighbours

3 August 2021

Only 7% of people with pancreatic cancer survive more than five years. New research from Cardiff University is helping to expand the knowledge of this form of cancer, with the hopes of informing developments of new treatments.

Scan showing prostate cancer which has spread to the spine. Credit: Dr Tom Rackley, consultant clinical oncologist at Velindre Cancer Centre

Researchers to investigate new drug to stop incurable prostate cancer spread

30 June 2021

Cardiff University receives funding to explore ‘urgent need’ for advanced prostate cancer therapy

confocal microscope2

Computer-designed cancer drug to prevent breast cancer metastasis

2 March 2021

A computer-aided drug design tool has successfully created a new potential therapy to inhibit this fatal spread of the disease.

ECSCRI laboratory

Cancer researchers volunteer to assist in COVID19 testing

6 April 2020

Cancer researchers from Cardiff University have volunteered their skills to help at the frontline of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Dr Richard Clarkson

Wales Cancer Bank receives funding boost from Welsh Government

30 March 2020

One of the largest and most established tissue banks in the UK has received over £2.4 million in funding to support its valuable contributions to cutting-edge cancer research.

Red blood cells

Potential for new therapies to target acute myeloid leukaemia

27 August 2019

Eight people are diagnosed with acute myeloid leukaemia in the UK each day, accounting for over 2000 deaths each year. But a new potential therapeutic target has been uncovered, which could help improve future treatments.

Glioblastoma stem cells

The future of targeting brain cancer

21 August 2019

Scientists have discovered molecular targets that might lead to a new generation of brain cancer therapies.

Black and white network of brain cells

Tracking therapeutics to the brain

13 August 2019

Over £250,000 of funding is helping researchers at Cardiff University to label and image small biological particles to test their potential use in treating brain disease and cancer.

Microscope images of gastric cancer

AMMF funds vital bile duct cancer research

12 August 2019

Cholangiocarcinoma is a rare disease, with only two percent of patients with metastatic disease surviving past five years. But new funding is helping Cardiff University researchers to find out crucial information about this form of cancer.

blood cells

New funding for blood stem cells

20 May 2019

Over £520,000 has been awarded to help fund world-leading blood stem cell research, which will have a long-lasting impact on bone marrow transplantation and blood transfusion.