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Translational Research Hub

The Translational Research Hub (TRH) brings industry and scientists together to solve complex global challenges.

Researchers in the Institute for Compound Semiconductors (ICS) and Cardiff Catalysis Institute (CCI) use state-of-the-art TRH facilities to collaborate with commercial partners.

They work across sectors including energy, advanced materials, transport, communication, and healthcare, creating new technologies and charting innovative research directions.

Funded by UK and Welsh governments, TRH enables the design, development and testing of cleaner, greener products and processes using the Hub’s bespoke laboratories, offices, shared collaborative spaces, bespoke ERDF-funded cleanroom and state-of-the art microscopy suite.

Inside TRH

The 129,000-sq-ft research hub, designed by HOK London Studio, exemplifies UK and Wales commitments to new collaborative scientific solutions to Net Zero.

A first-in-class ICS ERDF-funded cleanroom features the capability to trial, establish and scale new and innovative Compound Semiconductor devices to an industrial standard on wafers up to 200mm in diameter.

And CCI’s bespoke Electron Microscopy Facility will deliver expertise and capability in nanomaterial imaging, analysis and characterization, facilitating new approaches to catalyst design and synthesis.


Cardiff Catalysis Institute

Our state-of-the-art catalysis facility supports world leading research in chemical sciences. CCI was established within the School of Chemistry to improve the understanding of catalysis, work with industry to develop new processes and promote the use of catalysis as a sustainable 21st century technology.

Cardiff Catalysis Institute masthead

Cardiff Catalysis Institute

We are improving the understanding of catalysis, developing new catalytic processes with industry and promoting the use of catalysis as a sustainable 21st century technology.

Institute for Compound Semiconductors

ICS positions Cardiff as the UK and European leader in Compound Semiconductor technologies. ICS enables researchers and industry to jointly address the big research challenges, providing solutions that can be introduced reliably and quickly into the production environment.

Institute for Compound Semiconductors

Providing facilities to help researchers and industry work together, this Institute will position Cardiff as the European leader in compound semiconductors.

The building has been supported by UK and Wales funders, including £17.3m through UKRPIF, £12m from Welsh Government, £13.1m in European funding administered by WEFO, and £2.7m from HEFCW.

TRH sits next door to Cardiff’s newly-opened sbarc|spark building, home to the Social Science Research Park (SPARK) and Cardiff Innovations@sbarc – the University’s creative base for spinouts and startups.