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We are focused on maximising the impact of our research to the benefit of a wide-range of stakeholders and, importantly, society.

Our public value strategy emphasises our ambition to promote economic and social improvement and much of our research activity is directed towards tackling grand social challenges

As a School of considerable scale, our research themes are diverse and our portfolio of activity is ever expanding as we develop our interdisciplinary relationships.

Case studies

UK Currency

The Living Wage – Employer experience

Understanding the motivations, challenges and opportunities of becoming an accredited living wage employer.

Town hall sign

Does size matter in local government?

Exploring how local authorities deliver services and whether their size will be relevant in the future.

People walking on Welsh hills

The real economic and environmental impact of tourism in Wales

New research helps us understand the true value of tourism in the country.

Image of a teenager suffering from whiplash following a car accident

Fairer compensation for victims of personal injury accidents

Research from Cardiff Business School highlights under-compensation for injured claimants, and points towards a fairer means of compensation for injury victims.