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Learning and teaching

Economics is a challenging subject that requires a wide range of skills, including maths, statistics, data presentation and writing.

In our degrees we aim to provide training in all of these, both for our specialist economics degrees and joint degrees. We help our students become confident and motivated economists prized for their problem-solving capabilities and ability to understand and explain economics to a wider audience.


We support our teaching with a wide range of databases, guest speakers, specialist careers events, innovative teaching approaches and inspiring lecturers. We are also committed to making economics available and relevant to all people regardless of their background, race, gender or religion.

Degrees and courses

At the undergraduate level, we offer a flagship degree in Economics, along with more specialist degrees in Economics and Finance, Banking and Finance, and Business Economics. We also have a wide range of joint degrees taught with other sections within the school (Economics and Management) and with other schools (Politics and Economics, Philosophy and Economics, History and Economics, Language and Economics).

At the postgraduate level we have a long-running and highly successful PhD program with two years of taught courses. Our PhD programme is a member of the Quantitative Economics Doctorate Network (QED) which provides PhD students with the opportunity of spending part of their time in any of the departments in the network.

Currently there are about 40 PhD students on the programme covering a wide range of topics. We also have two large specialist courses which have been running for over twenty years: International Economics, Banking and Finance and Financial Economics. Also available is the MSc Economics (stand-alone) for those who wish to enhance their knowledge and understanding of economics.