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Ethical and explainable AI

Our internationally recognised academic team conduct leading research and contribute cutting-edge developments in the field of ethical and explainable AI.

The ethical and explainable AI research theme addresses the following topics:

  • ethical AI – developing intelligent systems that on the basis of values, principles and techniques that guide the moral conduct of AI technology
  • explainable AI – developing techniques and frameworks used in the application of AI technology to make the results understandable to humans
  • explainable robotics – the study of explainability in the context of human-robot interaction.
  • trusted autonomy – understanding and designing the interaction space between humans and computer-controlled technology that exhibits autonomy

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Picture of Yulia Hicks

Dr Yulia Hicks

Senior Lecturer - Teaching and Research

+44 29208 75945
Picture of Ze Ji

Dr Ze Ji

Senior Lecturer (Teaching and Research)

+44 29208 70017
Picture of Rossi Setchi

Professor Rossi Setchi

Professor in High-Value Manufacturing and Director of the Research Centre for AI, Robotics and Human-Machine Systems (IROHMS)

+44 29208 75720
Picture of Alexia Zoumpoulaki

Dr Alexia Zoumpoulaki

Academic and research staff

+44 29225 10052