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IROHMS research seminars

We run an exciting series of research seminars focused on artificial intelligence, robotics and human-machine systems.

Seminars take place on Zoom on Wednesdays at 15:30 unless stated otherwise.

There are currently no forthcoming seminars.

28 September15:30
Md Atiqur Rahman Ahad, SMIEEE, SMOPTICA
Activity Understanding based on Vision and Sensors: Some Healthcare Perspectives
27 April15:30Dr Daniel Bratanov (DMRD Ltd.)Robots for Cargo Ship Maintenance
13 April15:30Reda MansyHuman-Robot Interaction: Libraries in Human Detection and Object Recognition
23 March15:30Dr Marco PalomboPerspectives on AI-powered brain microstructure imaging
16 March15:30Francisco Munguia GaleanoCare-O-bot 4 Demonstration
23 February15:30Satheeshkumar VeeramaniConstrained Locomotion and Path Planning of SwarmItFIX Intelligent Fixtures
26 January15:30Estilla HefterEEG Demonstration
27 October15:30Lintong ZhangBalancing the budget: Feature selection and tracking for multi-camera visual-inertial odometry
29 September15:30Professor Rossi Setchi (IROHMS) and Associate Professor Dr Melanie Ooi (Waikato/WaiRAS)IROHMS x WaiRAS Research Seminar: Technologies to feed the world
21 July09:00Dr Ze Ji (Cardiff University)Robot learning and active sensing
30 June15:30Professor Pete Burnap (Cardiff University)AI for cybersecurity innovation
23 June15:30Dr Emmanuel Senft (University of Wisconsin-Madison)Designing robotic technologies for natural interactions with humans
16 June15:30Professor Daniel Polani (University of Hertfordshire)Empowerment: Theme and variations
9 June15:30Dr Jos Elfring (TomTom)Mapping, localization, and world modelling in automated driving
2 June15:30Dr Ziad Salem (Joanneum Research)I4RC: (Illumination for Robotic Control): The potential of visible light communication, positioning and sensing in the robotic domain
26 May15:30Dr Tom Carlson  (UCL)Shared control for assistive robotics and brain-machine interfaces
19 May15:30Hot Robotics consortium
(University of Bristol, University of Manchester, UKAEA, National Nuclear Laboratory)
The National Nuclear User Facility for Hot Robotics (NNUF-HR)
12 May15:30Dr Cristian Vergara  (KU Leuven)Chorrobot: CHallenging Operations using Reactive ROBOT control
12 May09:00Dr Juan Hernández Vega (Cardiff University)Motion planning for multipurpose autonomous systems
27 April09:00Dr Shen Hin Lim (University of Waikato)Horticultural robotics and a case study: Asparagus harvester
21 April15:30Professor Moshe Y. Vardi (Rice University)Ethics washing in AI
17 March15:30Dr Dave Raggett (W3C European Team)Digital transformation and human-like AI
10 March15:30Dr Son Tong (Siemens)ADAS/AV development at Siemens
3 March15:30Dr Rory Adams (MathWorks)Robotics with MATLAB
24 February15:30Professor Joanna Bryson (The Hertie School)Maintaining human-centric artificial intelligence
27 January15:30Flemming Mouridsen (Stofl Ltd.)Blockchain backed networking solutions
25 November15:30Dr Dave Raggett (W3C European Team)Emergence of the sentient web and the revolutionary impact of cognitive AI
11 November15:30Dr Juan Hernández Vega (Cardiff University)Motion planning for multipurpose autonomous systems
7 October15:30Professor m.c. schraefel (University of Southampton)Inbodied interaction and how the body works, inside: why should an engineer/designer care?
19 February15:30Professor Edward Keedwell  (University of Exeter)Augmented evolutionary intelligence: Human-AI interaction for real-world optimisations
18 October15:30Dr Zhinbin Li (University of Edinburgh)From automation to learned autonomy - a new era for intelligent robots
18 October15:30Professor Changuang Yang (Bristol Robotics Laboratory)Human-friendly robot teleoperation design and human robot skill transfer