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Here you can find articles written by historians to put into context the material gathered by the ‘Welsh Voices’ project.

Welsh Identities in the Great War
How did those from Wales who served in the global war express their Welshness? Dr Toby Thacker explores some of the insights that have come to light through the ‘Welsh Voices’ project.

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Peace at last!
Paul Methven looks at some of the communal events of commemoration and thanksgiving that took place at the end of the Great War.

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New Dock Stars Photograph
What are the secrets of a photograph taken in September 1919 of a Llanelli rugby club?

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Onward Christian Soldiers…?
Dr Gethin Matthews looks at some of the far-reaching consequences of the First World War on the chapels of Wales and their congregations

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Alienation and Community in the Great War
Dr Gerard Oram explores the notion that there was a separation between the war fronts and the home front during the First World War.

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Memoir of David Rees
David George Rees took part in a daring raid on an enemy-held port in 1918, and lived to write his account of the event. Read it here, along with an introduction by Paul Methven which gives the context to the attack.

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Postcards from France
Dr Chris Millington examines the imagery of one family’s varied collection of postcards sent home from France.

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Christmas Cards from the Front Line
Welsh servicemen sent a variety of cards and messages home at Christmastime: Dr Gethin Matthews explores what they can tell us about the men’s beliefs and state-of-mind.

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