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Neoplatonism, Freedom, Providence, and Fate

Chair: Jean-Michel Charrue (

This panel continues the previous ones which began in 2007. The original intention was to explore the theme of providence and connection with freedom in order to uncover a  framework for the concepts post-Plotinian Neoplatonism; other aspects, or other authors worth studying, once more.

Contributions on all aspects of Neoplatonism are welcome including the most important Platonic texts, the Timaeus, and the Laws, as well as the writings of Aristotle, the Stoïcs, and the late commentators, such as Simplicius, so too Hermeticism, Gnosticism, the Platonism of the Church Fathers, and later or contemporary Neoplatonism, the theme of Providence in connection with freedom.

Thus, possible topics include Platonic theology of divine providence, treatment of human freedom in any form of Platonism, studies on fatalism and determinism, and the role of daimons, in philosophy or religion.