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Rev Dr Vahan Hovhanessian 


Pauline Corpus/Theology: Resurrection in the Pauline theology. The resurrection controversy in Corinth and Paul’s understanding and elaboration on the gospel.

Old Testament Apocrypha/Pseudepigrapha: The Questions of the Queen of Sheba to Solomon. Textual analysis of the Arabic, Armenian, Greek and Syriac texts.              

New Testament Pseudepigrapha: The Repose of the Blessed (Evangelist) John: Textual analysis of the Arabic, Armenian, Greek and Syriac texts. Preparation of a critical Armenian text.

Early Christianity

Armenian Church Hermeneutics: Examining the writings of the early Fathers in  the Armenian Church and tracing influences of the Antiochian and Alexandrian schools on developing the characteristics of the Armenian hermeneutics.

Early Church commentaries of the Bible: Translation of St. Ephrem’s Commentaries on the Epistles of Paul available only in Armenian manuscripts. Currently working on the commentary on 1 Cor. 

Canon of the Bible in the early Church: examine the concept of the biblical canon in the early literature of the Armenian Church and comparing the canon lists available in these writings.

Research Languages

Proficient in Biblical Hebrew, Biblical Greek, Biblical Aramaic
Proficient in Classical Armenian
Fluent in Arabic (ACTFL Proficiency Test: Superior)  
Fluent in Armenian (Eastern and Western dialects)
Fluent in French (DELF I and II)
Reading, writing and translation in Coptic and Syriac
Reading, writing and translation in German

Honors and Grants

Inducted into Theta Alpha Kappa honor society for excellence in teaching in
religious studies, Georgian Court, 2009

Grant recipient, National Renewal Program, Lilly Endowment, 2009.

Chief Doctor of Faith in the Armenian Church, Etchmiadzin, 2006.

Bishop Der Hagopian Trust Fund, Research Grant, New York, USA, 1999.

The Fondação Calouste Gulbenkian, Student Grant, Lisbon, Portugal, 1988.