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Collaborative Interdisciplinary Study for Science, Medicine and the Imagination (CISSMI) Research Group


CISSMI is a research collaboration between Cardiff University, the University of South Wales and the University of Westminster. The research group encompasses staff from the humanities, social sciences, medicine and the biological sciences is dedicated to the study of the history of science (particularly the medical sciences) and the imagination (literary and cultural). 

Besides the research activities of the group’s members, CISSMI supports a series of seminars, research activities and public engagement events that allow for discussion and interaction around these key themes.


Professor Keir Waddington (Department of History, Cardiff University)

Professor Martin Willis (Department of English, University of Westminster)

Core Members

Dr Jane Finucane, Lecturer in History, University of South Wales
Dr Tracey Loughran, Lecturer in History, Cardiff School of History, Archaeology & Religion
Dr Fiona Reid, Deputy Head of School, SHASS, Faculty of Business and Society, University of South Wales
Dr Laurence Totelin, Lecturer in Ancient History, Cardiff School of History, Archaeology & Religion
Dr Anthony Mandal, Reader in English, Cardiff School of English, Communication and Philosophy



  • Glamorgan University Research Investment Scheme
  • Cardiff Humanities Research Institute
  • British Society for Literature and Science
  • Wellcome Trust
  • Journal of Literature and Science
  • School of History, Archaeology and Religion, Cardiff University