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Students investigate one of best preserved Roman sites in Britain

9 April 2013

Geophysical survey Caerwent

A team of twelve Cardiff archaeology students are now undertaking a geophysical survey at the Roman town of Caerwent in South East Wales [project: 6th-13th April 2013].

Caerwent is one of the best preserved Roman sites in Britain.  

The team will be following up work from previous years both inside and outside the town walls, honing the geophysical skills essential for any practicing archaeologist. The project is arranged by Cardiff's Archaeology department at no cost to students, and is delivered as part of its renowned undergraduate degree.

Geophysical survey Caerwent

This year they will work on the extra-mural settlement outside the west gate of the town.  It was a student team who discovered the 'lost city' at Caerleon, a stone's throw from Caerwent.  Who knows what will be found this year at this fantastic abandoned Roman town!