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Byzantine family life revealed

11 September 2013

‘Approaches to the Byzantine Family’
‘Approaches to the Byzantine Family’

New book fills gap in Byzantine Studies field

‘Approaches to the Byzantine Family’ co-edited by Cardiff Ancient Historian Dr Shaun Tougher

‘The study of the Byzantine family is still in its infancy’ Angeliki Laiou remarked in 1989. This brand new volume, co-edited by Cardiff ancient historian Dr Shaun Tougher, an international expert on eunuchs in Byzantium, addresses this lacuna.

19 chapters written by international experts in the field take a variety of approaches to the study of the Byzantine family, and embrace a chronological span from the later Roman to the late Byzantine empire.

Chapters in this new work focus on the Roman roots of the Byzantine family, the Christianisation of the family, and the nature of the family in contemporaneous cultures (the late antique west and the Islamic east). Key methodological approaches to the Byzantine family are discussed. This core new work illuminates the diversity of families that existed in Byzantium, drawing on the material evidence of the family and children in art and on the archaeology of the Middle Byzantine house.  

Approaches the Byzantine Family is out on 13 September  from Ashgate Publishing priced £70.