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Unquiet Residues Programme

Cardiff School of History and Archaeology, Cardiff University

9th April 2008


Conference Programme


10:30              Coffee

                      Andrew Lawson: chair

11.00              Niall Sharples: Introduction

11.30              Dave McOmish and John Barrett: Early Iron Age
                      Transformations: Middens around The Vale of Pewsey and
                      the Problems of Process

12.20              Stuart Needham: Runnymede Bridge: the Riverside Zone
                      and the structuring of kin-group relationships

13.00              Lunch


                      Jacqui Mulville: chair

14.00              Dale Serjeantson:  Animal bones in middens: taphonomy
                      and significance

14.30              Vanessa Straker and Wendy Carruthers: What can plant
                      remains tell us about midden formation? An overview from
                      Potterne and East Chisenbury.

15.00              Ann Woodward: Eldon’s Seat revisited: pottery and
                      middens in the Isle of Purbeck

15.30              Coffee


                      Elaine Morris: chair

16.00              Adam Gwilt and Mark Lodwick: Investigating ephemeral
                      abundance: the Iron Age midden at Llanmaes, Vale of

16.30              Mark Knight and Mark Brudenell: Must Farm, Platform:
                      Event rather than process?

17.00              Kate Waddington: The Whitchurch project

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