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Enrolment Year 3 Archaeology and Conservation


Congratulations on passing your second year assessments and proceeding into year 3 of your degree at Cardiff.  You may have worked hard in year 2 or perhaps drifted through without too much focus. This year is crucial in terms of your final degree.  For Archaeology and Conservation degrees, and the Archaeology half of joint degrees, year 3 provides 60% of your final degree mark.  Consequently it is important that you work effectively from the beginning of the first semester.

You should have selected the modules you wish to study in May at the pre-enrolment session.  You now have an opportunity to consider your choices and make some amendments.  As you know some courses have limited numbers and you must check availability before you attempt to enrol for them.  Before you attempt any module changes you must see your personal tutor who will be available on Thursday 25th September from 9.30-13.00 and 14.00-16.00.  If you failed to undertake, or complete, module pre-enrolment in May you will need to discuss with you tutor which courses are still available before doing module enrolment on-line.  Attempting to sign up for modules without prior agreement of your tutor is likely to lead to a delay in your enrolment and may mean you miss your opportunity to do the module and will delay your access to Learning Central for the module.

If however you find problems in understanding the web instructions please contact us directly either by email to or by phoning 02920874259, or call into the School office in room 4.54 in the John Percival Building where we are based.

If you have already enrolled with the University you may have reached this web page via the Humanities enrolment information web page. If you have not yet done University enrolment you may look at our advice first or return to the University enrolment page and begin the process as they advise.

When you come to complete enrolment in the School on Thursday 25th September your personal tutor will advise you on what modules to take and how to complete on-line module enrolment.

We hope to keep the enrolment process as simple as possible and ask you to stick to the following timetable:

Thursday 25th September: 09.30 All students to meet in 4.18 for a summary of the enrolment process. After this meeting see your personal tutor.  Come along with your list of modules selected at pre-enrolment and be ready to advise of any changes you would like to make.  Your tutor will inform you if there are any changes to the modules advertised or vacancies on courses which were previously full.

Tutors may ask you to sign up to the modules on-line whilst you are in their offices so please make sure you have your password etc. ready to do this.