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Enrolment for Year 2 and Year 3 BA Ancient History (single and joint honours)

Thursday 25 September and Friday 26 September 2014

Welcome back! Please follow the instructions below carefully, to ensure that you are correctly enrolled for your modules. Failure to do so may mean that you are unable to take the modules of your choice, or to access to Learning Central, or even to take your exams.

Enrolment timetable

before 25 September  • Complete the first stage of online enrolment. If you want to change your modules, please do not request the change in SIMS until you have seen your Tutor.
• If you have not yet chosen your modules, decide which ones you would like to do, but please do not select them in SIMS. See the notes below.
• Complete your Personal Development Plan for last year, and bring it with you to enrolment.
• If you are taking the Third Year Dissertation, think about which topic you would like to work on.
Thursday 25 September 9.30am, room 0.36All Year Three students to meet for an induction talk.
Thursday 25 September 10.00–12.30Meetings with Personal Tutors for Year Three students. Sign up on the waiting list outside your Tutor’s office.
Friday 26 September 9.30–12.30Meetings with Personal Tutors for Year Two students. Sign up on the waiting list outside your Tutor’s office.
Friday 26 September 3.00pm, room 0.36All Year Two students to meet for an induction talk.

Before you see your Tutor...

Please check the lists of Personal Tutors on the Year 2/3 noticeboard (or on Learning Central), in case you have a new Tutor this year. All joint honours students have a Tutor in Ancient History, whom they can consult if they wish to discuss any aspect of their Ancient History studies.

At these meetings you will have an opportunity to discuss your progress so far and your options for the year ahead. You may need to log into SIMS to confirm or choose your modules, so please ensure that you have your username and password to hand.

You will also be asked to submit your completed Personal Development Plan for last year. If you have mislaid your PDP form, you can download a new one from the web (see links below).

Changing modules

You should have selected the modules you wish to study at Stage One Enrolment in April, but you now have an opportunity to review your choices and make amendments if you wish. Do not change your modules before seeing your Personal Tutor. Some courses have limited numbers of places, so you must check availability before you attempt to enrol for them (see below).

If you did not complete Stage One Enrolment in april, you must discuss your options with your Tutor before selecting your modules online. Please think about which ones you would like to do before coming to see your Tutor. You can consult the Archaeology and Ancient History Module Catalogue online — see the link below. Please ensure that your choices conform to the regulations for your degree programme, which are set out in the Module Catalogue.

Dissertation supervisors

Dissertation supervisors will be allocated early in the semester, and a list of students and supervisors will be posted on the Ancient History Year 2/3 noticeboard as soon as possible.


All students in Years 2 and 3 are required to attend an induction talk — see the timetable above for times and venues.

Useful links and documents

University Guide to Enrolment

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