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Enrolment for Year 1 Religious Studies and Theology

Welcome to Religious and Theological Studies at Cardiff

Congratulations on your A Level results and gaining a place to study Religious and Theological Studies at Cardiff.  This is the beginning of an important new phase in your life whether you have come to Cardiff straight from school, or after a gap year, or after a number of years pursuing a career or other life paths.  We hope to help introduce you to your period of study at Cardiff with as little difficulty as possible.

We will write to you with details of our degree programmes and activities during enrolment week. However, if you find problems in understanding the web or written instructions please contact us directly either by email to or by phoning 029 20875297, or call into the School office in room 4.54 in the John Percival Building where we are based.


Please note that before enrolment week you should read the essential information in the Humanities and Social Studies Year One Enrolment Information.  Check the subject timetable groups to ensure that you are able to take any subject. Those in the same subject groups as the Religious Studies or Theology you have chosen are not available as their class times will clash with these core subjects.  Some subjects require specific A levels, others may be open to students from all academic backgrounds.

Online Central Enrolment: instructions are available on the University Registry Online Enrolment Information page.

Welcome Talk and Meeting with Personal Tutor:  To help explain the degree structure and what to expect in your First Year, there will be a short Welcome Talk on Tuesday 23th September at 9.00 a.m. in Lecture Theatre 2.03 in the John Percival Building.  After this you will meet with a personal tutor who will advise you on what modules you can take and the range of subjects you can study. Information about your personal tutor will be provided at the Welcome Talk and a list will be posted on the Year 1 notice board opposite romm 5.08.

School Enrolment:  An enrolment proforma will be given to you by your personal tutor and you should take this with you to enrolment on Wednesday, 24 September.  You will be able to complete online enrolment as soon as your module selection has been authorised by both your home school and associate school (if applicable).

Introductory Talks: the Introductory Talks timetable is included in the Humanities and Social Studies Year 1 Enrolment, available on the Humanities & Social Studies Year One Enrolment Information page.

Outlined below is a short introduction that will help you understand the structure of Year One at Cardiff and the options available to you.

Mentoring Talk

Year 1 Students must attend a mentoring talk on Thursday 25 September at 11.00am in room 2.03 in the John Percival Building.

Details of Year One in Religious and Theological Studies

In 2014 - 2015 the Department will offer six subjects in Year One:  Religious Studies, Theology, Arabic, Sanskrit, Greek and Hebrew.  No prior knowledge is assumed and most students will not have studied a classical language before. 


Students must study modules to the value of 120 CREDITS.  Normally, this means that you study THREE subjects (such as Religious Studies, Theology, Ancient History, History English, Philosophy, etc) each worth 40 credits from the Year One subjects available.  Each ‘subject’ usually consists of two linked 20 credit modules.

Your three subjects must be made up as follows:

  1. (a) Select ONE subject from Religious Studies, Theology, Arabic, Greek or Hebrew (each subject is carries 40 credits, consisting of two linked modules worth 20 credits each).
  2. (b) Select a SECOND subject from the above list, but do not study more than one language at a time.
  3. (c) Select a THIRD subject from the list of Year One subjects available in the Humanities and Social Sciences (40 credits, normally consisting of two linked courses).  You should take care to check for timetable clashes.  Bear in mind that some subjects set entrance requirements, and that numbers are sometimes restricted.  Alternatively, you may choose a third subject from those listed in section (a) above, but you may not study more that one language at a time.


Students must study the following subjects:

  1. (a) Either Religious Studies or Theology.  This is compulsory for all students taking Joint Honours Religious Studies.  Each subject comprises two linked modules worth 20 credits each making a total of 40 credits.
  2. (b) Plus: Modules usually worth 40 credits in the associate degree (i.e. English, Sociology, etc).
  3. (c) And additionally: 40 credits from a third Year One subject available in Humanities and Social Sciences (you may take a further subject in this Department under this heading).  These subjects are listed in the B.A. Subject Guide, which is available online on the Humanities and Social Studies Year One Enrolment Information page.  (Note that you will have to check for timetable clashes, that some subjects set entrance requirements, and that numbers are sometimes restricted).

Module Enrolment:  DO NOT ENROL for your modules on SIMS Online before meeting your Personal Tutor and attending school enrolment on Wednesday, 24 September.  Any choices made on SIMS Online before this date will be automatically rejected.