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General and Gateway Sites

Links to resources for students of Ancient History.


  • Perseus - the largest collection of online resources for the study of Classical antiquity, including:
  • Forum Romanum - a collection of online resources, including a database of Latin texts and translations available on the web.
  • Lacus Curtius - a collection of resources for Roman archaeology and history, including an illustrated gazetteer of sites, numerous Latin texts and translations, the content of several major (but old) reference works, pages of links, and a do-it-yourself course in Latin epigraphy.
  • Attalus - year-by-year chronicle of events in Hellenistic and Roman history, from 320 BC to the early first century BC, with links to the relevant ancient sources and an index of people and places.
  • The Stoa - a site supporting several electronic publication projects.
  • Theoi Project - huge site exploring Greek mythology and the gods in classical literature and art, with thousands of texts and images.
  • Didaskalia - resources for the study of Greek and Roman drama, including an electronic journal and listings of productions of ancient plays.

Gateway Sites

Classical Blogs

  • A Don's Life - Mary Beard, Professor of Ancient History at Cambridge, on the ancient and modern worlds.
  • Rogueclassicism - news, videos and comments on the ancient world from a Canadian classicist, David Meadows.
  • The Love of History - news and comment from Constantina Katsari of Leicester University.
  • Blogging Pompeii - a forum for scholars interested in Pompeii, Herculaneum, and other sites on the Bay of Naples.