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Mr Nick Alderton 

  • Overview
Position:PhD History

Academic History

2006-2008 – MA Researching Wales, W.I.S.C.A Bangor University. Thesis title: Referendum and Transition: Plaid Cymru from 1979 to 1987.

2003-2006 – BA (Hon’s) History, University of Wales, Bangor. Dissertation title: The Portrayal of the Free Wales Army in the British and Welsh Press.

PhD Research

Working Title: Liberal Party in Wales 1966-1988

My thesis will look at the Welsh Liberal Party from its inception in 1966 until the amalgamation with the Social Democratic Party in 1988. My thesis will look to not only provide a history of the party during these years, but will also seek to understand why the Welsh Liberals did not enjoy the type of revival that the Liberal Party saw in other parts of Britain. Having said that, the thesis will look to dispel some of the myths around the party, most importantly that the Liberals experienced a ‘slow death’ in Wales. I intend to show that the Liberals have always enjoyed a solid base of support in the principality and built on that during this period. It will also examine the relationship between the Liberals and the other political parties within Wales. The policy process of the Welsh Liberals and its relationship to the main Liberal Party will be examined.

Star Date: April 2012

First Supervisor: Professor Scott Newton

Second Supervisor: Professor Peter Dorey

Additional information

My previous research has centered on Welsh nationalism and nationalist politics. I wanted to expand my research within Wales and encompass the other areas of the Welsh political spectrum.
I will hopefully be giving my first paper at the 4th annual Cardiff Welsh History Postgraduate Research Symposium in November. I aim to present a paper on the findings of my MA thesis.