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Mr Thomas George 

  • Overview
Position:PhD History

Academic History

BA International Relations and Modern History, 2006-2009, Swansea University
MA Modern History, 2009-2010, Swansea University

PhD Research

Working Title: Women’s wartime employment in Wales during the First World War

This project examines the nature and extent of paid employment for women in the munitions and agricultural industry in Wales during the First World War. Women worked in a number of different capacities at munitions factories throughout the Principality. In addition, a comparatively small number of predominantly middle-class girls were employed in many rural areas of the country undertaking a range of farm work. Using a wide variety of source material including newspapers, local and national government reports and personal correspondence, this research aims to gain a greater understanding of wartime notions of gender roles and aspects of femininity within the Welsh context. Themes under discussion include welfare provision, recruitment, training and the experience of wartime employment for women in both industries.

Start Date: January 2011

First Supervisor: Dr Stephanie Ward

Second Supervisor: Dr Tracey Loughran

Additional Information

- Widening Access: Share with Schools (SWS) Coordinator
- Year One Seminar Tutor