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Dr Stephanie Ward 


Miners, Masculinity and the Body in Interwar South Wales

This project examines the relationship between the construction of masculine identity and the male body in interwar south Wales. It focuses upon working-class men working in the mining industry during a period of high unemployment.

Project activities:

  • Co-organising a symposium on ‘Industrialism and Masculinity in Comparative Regional Context, c.1840-1939’ at Aberystwyth University – funding received from History Research Wales.

Marriage, Family and Community in Modern Wales, 1929 - 1969
This project seeks to explore issues of marital breakdown, domestic violence, family relationships and gender roles within modern Wales. Such a study is paramount for a society which placed great emphasis upon the role of the family in securing the well-being of the wider community. The study of family will be placed against a background of economic upheaval and massive social change. This research will also contribute, more broadly, to the post-war history of Wales.