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Prof Bill Jones 

Current Postgraduate Research students

Arthur Edwards: The impact of Church Disestablishment Campaign on Religion and Society in South East Wales 1850-1900 with particular reference to Thomas Thomas and Pontypool Baptist College (PhD).

Alwyn Evans: Capital, Welsh Identity, Entrepreneurship and a Western Australian gold mine: George W Hall (1855-1915) (MPhil).

Angela Evans: From Showmen to Businessmen: the impact of small-scale entrepreneurship on the cinema industry in the South Wales Valleys, 1900 to the 1950s (PhD).

Philip Jayne: The gardens of the ironmasters and coalowners of South Wales (MPhil).

Beth Jenkins: Female Professionals in Wales 1881–1945 (PhD, AHRC Studentship).

Manon Jones: Agweddau ar Wrywdod yn Llythyrau D.R. Daniel (PhD).

Jeremy Morgan: The Changing Nature of Landownership in the Glamorganshire Valleys during the nineteenth century (MPhil).

Sulien Morgan: The relationship between Plaid Cymru and the Welsh in The United States, 1925 -1945 (PhD).

Hannah Price: The role of the press in the development of new ‘communities’ in the Rhymney valley in the early twentieth century (PhD).

Evonne Wareham: Local Government in South Wales in World War Two (PhD, principal supervisor Dr Stephanie Ward).

Previous Postgraduate Research students

James Boyd: The Emerging Global Economy and America’s German Ancestry, 1848 – 1900. (PhD, AHRC Studentship, awarded 2013)

Walter Brooks: Welsh Print Culture in y Wladfa. The Role of Y Drafod in Welsh Patagonia, 1891− 1933 (PhD, Cardiff University Richard Whipp Studentship, awarded 2013)

Matthew Carter: Industrial, Industrious, and Diverse: Comparative Case Studies of the Welsh in Urban and Rural America during the Late Nineteenth Century (PhD, awarded 2011).

Philippa Davies: History in Literature: the writings of Rhys Davies, a case study (PhD, awarded 2001)

John Francis: 'Invisible Incomers'?: Migration from the West Country to Glamorgan in the mid-19th century (PhD, awarded 2010).

Margaret Gregory: A Policeman's Lot: the Nature and Dynamics of the Monmouthshire Constabulary 1857-1914 (PhD, awarded 2009).

Robert Huw Griffiths: The Welsh and the American Civil War c.1840-1865 (PhD, awarded 2004).

Celyn Gurden-Williams: Lady Llanover and the Creation of a Welsh Cultural Utopia (PhD, awarded 2009).

Anna Gruffudd: Pileri'r Chwedloniaeth: Creu ac Ail-greu Diwygiad Crefyddol 1904-05 yng Nghymru yn ei ganrif gyntaf. (PhD, awarded 2010).

Gethin Matthews: 'Addoli'r Dduwies Aur' ('Worshipping the Goddess Gold'): the Patterns and Processes of nineteenth century Welsh Migration to the British Columbia Gold-fields. (PhD, awarded 2010).

Catherine Preston: Geology, Visualization and the 1893 Hauliers' Strike: an Interdisciplinary Exploration (PhD, Cardiff University Richard Whipp Studentship, awarded 2010).

Andrew Richardson: The Civic and the National: the Third Marquess of Bute, Cardiff and Wales, 1868-1900 (PhD, awarded 2011).

Marian Williams: ‘Some Aspects of Poor Law Provision in Cardiff during the nineteenth century’ (MPhil, awarded 2004).

Martin Wright: Wales and Socialism: Political Culture and National Identity c1880-1914 (PhD, Coleg Cymraeh Studentship, awarded 2012).